Amphibious Marine-22 TDI Explorer: This two minute video shows our latest hovercraft in action Sevtec Geoduck: Testing after refit at Amphibious Marine June 2011
Complete Amphibious Marine informational movie Part 1:This 12 minute video features the Vanguard 14 in action around the Puget Sound. The movie was narrated Bryan and Angela Phillips. Complete Amphibious Marine informational movie Part 2
Winter Footage: In early January 2004, the temperature stayed below freezing for several days allowing the lake to freeze over. Over several days we got about 5.5 inches of snow giving us the chance to shoot this footage Prospector SAR and Vanguard on Skyomish River: This 5 minute video features Prospector SAR (Search and Rescue) craft and the Vanguard operating on the Skykomish River.
North to Alaska Footage: This 2 minute video features scenes from the month long, 1998 trip from Anacortes, Washington to Juneau, Alaska. Bryan Phillips, John Carter, and the designer of Sevtec sevs, Barry Palmer, traveled 1400 miles on this adventure through Canada and Alaska