For sale

Alaska 22.5′ x 10′ Explorer  $58,700

VW Turbo Diesel engine, mechanical injection.  Approximately 270 engine hrs. Stainless drive frame, lift fan frame and thrust fan frame. Engine mounts, urethane skirts, (done by Amphibious Marine.) VHF Radio, oil, alt, tachometer, Temp gauges. Dash heat, wipers, LED lights, galvanized double axle trailer. Runs and Flys Great, Very Dependable. Originally built as part of the Sevtec kit program, but many upgrades done at the Amphibious Marine facility.

2009 Amphibious Marine AM-14D model hovercraft, 28 hp EFI engine. The craft comes equipped with hypalon upgraded skirt, saltwater upgrades, raised plexiglass windshield, all carbon fiber deck(saves 45 lbs), internal 12 gallon aluminum tank, and bunk trailer for $26,200. It has 44 hrs run time. It has been kept indoors, amazingly clean and waxed.



2009 Sevtec Surveyor for sale.The craft is 16’x7′ and is equipped with a 25 hp Kohler engine. The hull is foam and glass as is standard, black vinyl skirt, tilt trailer, sliding bench seat, tachometer and new control cables for steering and throttle. Empty weight is 695 lbs. Price $8300 .

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windshield pics 007day on the Chehalis 008 DSC_9168 windshield pics 001

Written by the owner:  Sevtec  Surveyor for sale. $15,000.  Scaled up craft is 15′ X71/2 ‘. About 100 hours on craft and engine. This Surveyor is well built from mostly the high end materials and components purchased from Amphibious Marine.  Vinyl ester fiberglass resin used throughout. Vinyl ester is impervious to water after it sets up. Two floatation compartments in rear, will easily float whole craft if needed. The boat is made of foam fiberglass composite.  I’m a heavy person so I added some extra glass cloth to the bottom of the boat and the parts that I thought could use a little extra strength for me and my heavier friends to enjoy the ride with me. A third skid is added down the middle of the bottom as well. Bow is built so more floatation can be added. Deck hatches are already installed for this. The Friendly green paint is an Interlux product called Perfection hull paint. This stuff is bullet proof, and very pricey. It’s also UV protectant and hardly leaves a mark where you step even though you may have gravel or dirt on your feet when you get in and out, or put in your cargo. Really tough stuff.

The top speed is about 33mph in calm wind. I like to cruise at about 26mph. The motor uses about 1 gallon per hour at this speed. The whole process of lift and thrust is accomplished by a 28hp Kohler V twin fuel injected and computer controlled engine. This motor starts easily and dependably every single time. The electronic fuel injection won’t Ice up in cold weather operation. The propeller is a 72″ 3 blade IVO Prop. There are several choices for hovercraft props. I chose this prop because of its strength and as I run this rig on Olympic Peninsula rivers there are a lot of trees hanging over the way. The IVOs are able to “cut some brush” and still get you home. The guard for the prop and rudder mount is made as a “half guard” for running on rivers. The drive for the lift fan and propeller is the new Carbon 90 cogged belt drive developed by Amphibious Marine. It eliminates any possible slippage in wet running situations so you never loose thrust or lift.

The trailer is a purpose built trailer made from plans purchased from amphibious Marine. The Deck turns 90° so the craft can fly off forward, and then return to the middle and tilted up to fly the machine back on the trailer. Pics of this trailer can be seen on the Amphibious Marine web site.

The skirt is made of vinyl and pre-cut skirt sections are available at Amphibious Marine at a very reasonable price. Assembly of these pieces is simple and straight forward. The vinyl seams are glued and extremely strong when set. Urethane skirts are now available from Amphibious Marine for a little more money.  The sections are also easy to assemble using the same glue.

Two pedestal seats come with the boat and they fold and store up under the bow.

Instrumentation includes a tachometer, volt meter, gps and waterproof lights and switches for computer code reading and ignition and oil pressure. The wire loom for the craft is made by Amphibious Marine of all tinned wire throughout its length and the wires are color coded and labeled to match the electrical diagram. Most of the wire connectors are the heat shrink waterproof type. Also all the proper connections and special waterproof  plugs are used . The computer for the engine is in a protective box.

the windshield is made of carbon fiber and has special glass that is both light and strong. It has pantograph wipers and waterproof wiper motors. All switches are waterproof. Three 12 volt receptacles are there for your 12 volt accessories.

This hovercraft and trailer are licensed in WA state and the tabs are current. The price is 15,000, and for the price of the fuel, I‘ll deliver it to the barge in Seattle or Tacoma for Alaska buyers.





SOLD  $14,500

  • Amphibious Marine-14 Vanguard built in late 2006
  • 72″ Quick adjust IvoProp
  • 28hp EFT Kohler engine
  • Payload capacity: 4 people or 750 lbs
  • Has approximately 60 hours of runtime
  • Hypalon skirt
  • Includes a fly on/off trailer
  • 12 gal internal gas tank
  • Camouflage paint scheme
  • Includes 3 lightweight hovercraft seats