About Us

Amphibious Marine, Inc., family owned and operated, has been building hovercraft commercially since 1996.  The president/engineer, Bryan Phillips, has 30 years experience building and operating hovercraft.  Our craft have proven themselves on adventures as far as 1400 miles north to Alaska up the inside passage, and in tourism operations running 7 days a week.

Bryan Phillips

Angela Phillips

Our customers :

  • Cruise ship excursion operators and resort tourist transport.
  • Hunters; duck, Alaskan elk trips and other game in remote areas.
  • Lake, river, and salt water fisherman.
  • Commercial fisherman, shell fish harvesters.
  • Sheriff’s Departments (ice rescue) and flood rescue
  • Water Treatment facilities.
  • Environmental studies and sensitive marine estuaries.
  • Reservoir sedimentation surveys, geological surveys.
  • Read about our past projects here.

Our mission: To build the highest quality, quietest, most efficient, saltwater ready hovercraft available on the market today. Our craft feature significant improvements over traditional hovercraft designs, which utilize excessive power, small fans and yet have limited performance. Our dedication to economical, lightweight, simple and efficient designs have allowed our business clients to use our hovercraft for many revue positive endeavors.  Contact us today to see how we help you put our craft to work for you, in your business or leisure pursuits.

Ph: (360) 426-3170. Mon thru Sat 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time

We accept payments in the form of a money order or wire transfer, the preferred method. We will accept a personal check but we must give it 5 business days to clear the bank. We also accept payment through PayPal but a 3% charge of the total order will be added for processing.

Our labor rates are $95 per hour. 

Prices are subject to change.