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Amphibious Marine hovercraft logo Welcome to Amphibious Marine, Inc. hovercraft manufacturer, dealers in personal, commercial, gold mining, oil & gas service/survey, military, search & rescue (SAR) and recreational hovercraft used for: hunting, fishing, ice fishing, gold mining, ice rescue, surveying, tourists and patrolling. These rugged, custom built hovercraft can negotiate rough water, even up the inside passage to Alaska, rivers, rapids, swamps, mud flats, & ice, while carrying heavy loads, with low noise and high fuel efficiency. Durable construction includes stainless steel, anodized aluminum, urethane coated fabrics and carbon/glass fiber composites. We also provide a full service hovercraft maintenance, training and repair service. Hovercraft are the most versatile fuel-efficient high speed watercraft on the market today. Amphibious Marine has a design forged from real world operation with a focus on cost-efficient low maintenance craft. These craft are serious work boats, lifesaving equipment or just plain fun and practical. Be sure to check our Facebook Page. Check out the video of our latest model, the Explorer 24.